Magento 2 Popup

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Magento 2 Popup Extension will help you design the perfect pop-up, attract the attention of customers,  increasing marketing efficiency.

  • Create different types of  Popup
  • Set up display rule and page 
  • Target Popup to customer groups and store views.
  • Visible on any positions
  • Offer 3 fascinating animations for Popup
  • Config valid date time for Popup display
  • Responsive on all devices

 Although it is annoying for visitors, undeniable the effectiveness of the call to action is undeniable. Not only that, using Popup is also a way to notify customers of promotions, marketing messages and most importantly, to gather information and emails of customers.

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We provide you more 10 amazing templates of popup!!!

   For E-commerce B2B Stores online in general and Magento 2 Store online in particular, promoting customer action on the product pages is essential. This directly affects the sales of the business. So using Popup Window is the best solution for your online store, as well as announce promotions, new products, or new information to customers. 

  Although the popup brings a little bit annoying for customers, if you have an amazing Popup and attract customer, the effectiveness will be more increase. We created more 10 templates of popup with many interesting topics, example: Newsletter Popup, Policy Popup, Get Coupon Popup, Redirect page, and more event seasons themes,....

   For store owners who want to create promotion for each season or each event in the year, like e.g: summer popup, winter popup, spring popup, autumn popup, event X-mas popup, event Valentine popup. We also design impressive popup templates according to those themes for you to choose from. Seasonal or event promotion always attract customers, if you have such a seasonal collection or event.

Create different types of popup

   Have many types of popup which you can choose to display. This feature will help your popup is more attractive and efficiency

  • Image
  • Video
  • Banners
  • Contact form
  • Subscribe box
  • Product widgets (Related, Up-sell, cross-sell catalogs)

   And many more due to the high configuration of WYSIWYG editor and CSS for the content of the popup.


 Set the valid date, time for Popup display

   For the first, to enable or disable popup with one click on the “Status” field. Only store owner can see the Title of poup so it does not need to too long, make it short, easy to understand, it will be good for managing your popup list. 

 With popup used to announce a promotion in a certain time, it will be necessary to limit the display time of the popup. So we created this feature to help you quickly set popup display times such as start date and end date.

 Target to  Customer Group and store view

 Providing each web visitor group has a different approach, every Magento 2 pop up can be set to reach to distinguished groups and store views.