Terms and Conditions


HTCMAGE is the copyright owner of all products and services on this website: https://www.htcmage.com. It is strictly forbidden to copy, use, or transact with third parties about our products or services without our permission. You may not use any part of the code or any part of the software, products or services.

Contract License Agreement:

Customers can order software, products or services from HTCMAGE through their accounts or directly with the HTCMAGE website https://www.htcmage.com.

Once your order has been placed and paid for. HTCMAGE will provide corresponding invoices to customers related to the payment of licenses for the software, products and services. Each software, product and service has its own license.

After purchasing, the software will be delivered to the customer. Whether or not to install it is up to the customer’s choice.

Information about HTCMAGE’s products, services including pricing and information is available on the website https://www.htcmage.com. In case customers need more information about other products, services of HTCMAGE we are ready to provide.

In case of customers violate HTCMAGE’s regulations in any way, we have the right to refuse to sell products or stop providing services to that customer.

Cancel the License Agreement

Customers are entitled to withdraw from the license agreement concluded by electronic means within 14 days after the license agreement has been concluded between the customer and HTCMAGE.

In case the customer – consumer withdrawals from the license agreement, HTCMAGE will credit the purchase price of the software to the customer by the same payment means, which were used by the customer in order to pay the price of the software. The customer shall stop using the software and shall uninstall it from the customer’s device.

Free installation:

When purchasing at BSS Commerce, we offer Free installation service for all paid extensions under one Magento installation ONLY. To get Free installation support, please provide us access to your website (including admin account and FTP/SSH info).

Free installation is valid for 10 working days from the payment date, after that every request for installation will be charged depending on the agreement between the two parties.

365-days support:

We offer Free 365-days support for our customers when they purchase our product on https://www.htcmage.com.

Free 365-days support only for A MAGENTO INSTALLATION. We will explain and give you the best solutions to the problem you have, and that must come from our products or our service. . Our extensions are built and tested on Magento default so that Support does not include fixing coding conflicts that are related to any third party extension/theme that is installed on your store. Please provide us access to your website for the support (including admin account and FTP/SSH info). Team viewer support is not accepted.

After 365-days support, that Support will be charge depending on the agreement between the two parties.

Free Lifetime Update:

We provide Free Lifetime Update for all products on our store online. When we published new versions of any product, please take notice on the product page to get updates about the latest version. Customers who purchased products from us can get the updated version for FREE by logging in to our store. Please subcribe our newsletter for udates.

30-days money back:

For all our products we offer 30-days money back. Within a period of 30 days of use from the payment date, if there any problems or defects from the product that we cannot fix it, we will gladly refund the money to the customer. However, we always try to fix the error and provide the best support to the customer first.

Contact us:

If you have any questions or concerns about the product or service of HTCMAGE, please contact us

Via email support@htcsoft.vn

Office Hours: 9:00a.m - 18:00p.m /GMT +7