Magento 2 Pro Slider

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  Magento 2 Pro Slider Extension is a leading extension for banner slider. Now create your beauty banner slider has never been easier. Don't let your banner appear boring, let it appear unique with this  Magento 2 Pro Slider Extension. Create slider and then you can manage them easily with many customizations. Help you to convey the messages, promotion, or promote products more impressive. 

  •  Unlimited sliders you can add to your banner 
  •  Up to 5 animations  effect for you to choose
  •  Add link to the sliders easily
  •  Easy setting slider like time, speed, sort  order, active dots, etc 
  • Assigning slide flexibly through slide grid
  •  Set up banner display fastly through layout update feature
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 “ Get your own impressive banner slider today."

   Banners are still important advertising tools, even if digital marketing techniques are on the rise. It offers a lot of benefits for your small business. It provides great value in terms of durability, efficiency, and versatility. As long as you stick with good banner designs and place them in strategic locations, you'll get the most out of your investment and get more exposure for your business.

  This Magento 2 Banner Slider Extension will help you to make the banner more impressive by showing as a slider. Now let us show you many useful features of this extension, and then you can decide to get this or not!

Unlimited Slide display on the banner

 Magento 2 Pro Slider allows you to upload unlimited sliders to create banners easily. Adding more sliders makes your banner look more affluent, and your store will be amazing. Besides, you will not take much space on your site to display these banners individually. You can integrate all into one in the form banner slider is very convenient. 




Set-up Sort order whenever.

First of all, you can set the title or change the title of slide. Title of slide needs concise and easy to understand, It’s good for the owner store to control their slides. Next, sort order feature to set up order of slide, smaller value displays first. This feature allows owner can change display order whenever. For example, if you set the sort order is “1”, the slide will display first, similar if value at sort order field is “2” the slide will display at second place. 


   In case you want each the slide to display for each store view separately, you can choose right now in this feature easily. Or if you want the slide displays at all store views, you only need to click on the “All Store view” field, then your slide will display at all store views in your online Magento 2 store. 

   It is the same with customers, only customer groups which you choose can see the slide. This makes it possible to develop individual announcements or exclusive promotions for each group of customers. If you want all of customers can see the slide, click on all fields of customer groups, the slide will display for all groups of customer. 




   Upload an image to the slide quickly with many types of file upload.
   Navigate your customer to the other product pages by adding a URL Link to the slide. If your slide is to announce a product promotion, this feature will make more customers reach the products with just one click on the slide. Also, let the slide show for a certain time. The timing feature will do this by choosing your start-end date and time. 


Same with slide, Title of banner also need concise and easy to understand. It’s good for owner store manages easily. 

Set up piority for banner, which banner has smaller piroty value  will be displayed. It is neccesary if you have many banners on your online Magento 2 store. 


Many  options you can edit to make your banner look more amazing. 

  •   Up to 5 animations effect for banner display: slide, fade in/out, flip, cover flow, cube.
  •  Set up pause time (ms): Time for per slide at banner display in millisecond. 
  •  Speed (ms): Speed between two slides in millisecond
  •  Stop animation when mouse points at the banner: When customers point the mouse at the banner, it will stop. 
  •  Arrow: Icon Arrow display on banner to next slide, if you turn it off the slides still auto next. 
  •  Arrow color: Set up color for arrow icon, you can use the HTML color code to set as the color of the icon. 
  •  Dots
  •  Dots active color
  •  Dots color


  With this feature, specifying for banner becomes more faster and flexible. Unlimited add Layout to specify more pages for the banner. Easy to use and easy to control. In the process of specifying page for the banner, if one page has two banners, the banner with smaller piority value will be displayed.