Magento 2 Customer Avatar

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Magento 2 Customer Avatar is an awesome module because it allows the customers the opportunity to personalize their account by uploading an avatar. This extension is useful for the following functions:


  • The customer can upload a new avatar.
  • The avatar can be displayed in the header of the website.
  • The avatar can be displayed in the reviews list.


  • Display the avatar of the customer in the Magento Admin customer grid.
  • Upload a new avatar or delete an avatar of the customer.
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How important is a customer profile picture?

Help customers personalize their accounts

Customers love that their accounts can post avatars which help them show their difference. They are free to post everything as long as those pictures  do not contain prohibited content.




When a customer uploads an avatar, it can not only display in the header of the website but also in the review list.








Help admin control image content

Allowing clients to freely post profile pictures can have downsides. They most likely intentionally or unintentionally upload images containing offensive, violent content. This makes your other customers uncomfortable, they will even give your store a bad review.

Fortunately, HTC Customer Avatar extension can help you with this problem by allowing admins to delete a customer's profile picture or upload a new one. Besides, this module also displays the avatar of the customer in the  Magento Admin customer grid.