Magento 2 Product Labels

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The Product Label module provided by HTC is a great module because it helps to highlight new products and other special products to attract customers' attention. At the same time, this module also supports your marketing campaign effectively and helps increase sales.


  • Attract customers by highlighting products: new product, best-seller, freeship, discount,...
  • Can highlight for product or category
  • Hide this label if the product has another label with a higher priority being used
  • Can choose store view to display
  • Can choose shape style to display label
  • Select position on thumbnail to display label
  • Select the display size of the label, the percentage displayed compared to the product image
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The benefits that the Product Label module brings to you

Motivate customers to buy products

With the Product Label module provided by HTC, you can add labels to your products with the content you want: new, best-seller, only 2 products left, freeship, 50% off,...When customers visit your website, they will see the products labeled immediately and urge them to buy. For example, when customers see a best-seller label, they will implicitly understand that it is a good quality product, so many people choose. Therefore, they can decide to buy immediately without hesitation or research too much.

Design as you want

The Product Label module allows you to design labels as you like: text only, select shape, upload image. In addition, you can set the ratio of the label to the product image and the position of the label.

Show different labels to different customer groups

You can choose different labels to display to different customer groups such as: wholesale, retailer, general,... to suit your business strategy.